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Learning The Basic Window Frame Materials

Learning The Basic Window Frame MaterialsIt’s no surprise to any homeowner that windows come in far too many different shapes and sizes. As time moves on and housing innovations become more out of the box, windows are being cut and sized into shapes that are more different than ever. Whether it’s the opening mechanisms or the overall structure (including the glass), there are so many different choices that can truly become overwhelming to someone looking to switch up the window arrangement within their home.

In the event that it’s time you replace your windows, or even if you’re building a new home and need to choose windows, there are so many different styles and shapes that you have to choose from. However, if you’re refurnishing the windows in an older home, your window arrangements will most likely need to be custom built.

Popular Window Materials

  • WOOD. Keep in mind that windows were traditionally made from wood, and it’s still extremely popular since the material is so versatile. Hardwood installations can be expensive, but they’re durable. Plus, they can be painted or given a natural finish depending on the overall interior of your home. If your window frames are made from wood, you’ll want to reapply a protection oil annually to make sure they stay at their highest quality and aren’t affected by any humidity or other moisture.
  • VINYL. When double glazed, vinyl windows provide excellent insulation in terms of both heat and sound. In many old homes, the traditional wood is actually often replaced by vinyl because it requires far little maintenance and it has a long life expectancy.
  • ALUMINUM. If you really want a lot of natural light to enter your home, then aluminum is the way to go in terms of window treatments. Not only is aluminum a strong and durable material, but can also support a large glass frame. Keep in mind that many building regulations require the aluminum to be double glazed in order to reduce heat loss within the home. If you live in an older home and your windows are lined with aluminum, know that it is prone to rust and that’s something you’ll want to keep an eye out for during the winter months to make sure your actual glass windows are not affected.

Still need More Insight?

At Rocky Mountain Windows, we’re a location specific service, but our location does not prevent us from answering any of your questions regarding the right window treatments for your home. However, if you are in our area, browse our website to see the services provide. Whether it’s your front door windows, or any other specific windows throughout your home, we can help you find the right style that will last you a good while.


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