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Window Condensation During Summer vs. Winter

Are you seeing signs of condensation on your window’s glass panes? If you ask any window contractor, the pro will tell you that the problem occurs differently depending on the time of the year. Depending on the time of year, it can have different effects on your windows so you need to know how these two problems are different.

Condensation During Summer

During summer, condensation on your windows usually happens because of temperature differences between the window’s surface and the outdoor air. Because your AC is running, the glass surface is cooler. This causes moisture from outside to form on the surface.

Any window company will tell you that condensation during summer isn’t a major cause for concern. In most cases, summer condensation is harmless. In fact, some will say that it’s a good thing because it means the windows are doing a good job of keeping cool air inside your home.

Condensation During Winter

Condensation on your windows during winter is generally bad news. Because the air is colder outside, your windows shouldn’t have water droplets forming  on its glass panes. You’d normally think that condensation should form on the inside of the glass panes, but that just means your home has humidity problems. Things get even worse if the water that condensed on your windows actually came from snowmelt that somehow seeped through your windows, which indicates a damage somewhere along the window’s seams.

Windows that suffer from condensation during winter could compromise your home’s energy efficiency while also exposing other parts of your home to moisture damage. We highly recommend getting replacement doors or windows when parts of your home that affect energy efficiency are no longer functioning efficiently.

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