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Top Reasons Why Your Windows Are Rattling

Hearing a rattling sound from your window is often enough to make you worry that something is wrong. Furthermore, it’s usually a sign that you need to replace your window.

This issue is common in old windows, especially those with wooden frames. Here are other reasons why your windows might be rattling.


Window rattling can be caused by loose glass. In some cases where this problem can still be fixed, experts usually recommend applying caulk on all cracks and edges. By filling the cracks and ensuring that there are no gaps, your windows become airtight.


Over time, some components of your window may become damaged due to normal wear or harsh weather conditions. The sash is often one of the victims of these circumstances so you may find it no longer fits properly in its track. This then causes the windows to rattle. You may try to fix the sash, but make sure to have a window contractor assess your windows because a window replacement might be a better solution than a repair.


A mortise-plate is responsible for keeping your window closed. So, when this part becomes loose or damaged, your window may no longer close securely. This is usually what causes the rattling sound. You can fix this problem by removing and then refitting the plate, ensuring that it’s correctly in place. But then again, depending on the overall condition of your window, you can also replace the entire window as a long-term solution.

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