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Tips to Prevent Mold From Growing on Windowsills

Mold can thrive anywhere, particularly when there is moisture nearby. Other than keeping your windows tightly sealed and dry, you can do a lot of things to make sure you’re not growing unhealthy mold on your windowsills. With basic maintenance and a bit of diligence along the way, you can keep your sills looking pretty and mold-free for years to come.

So, how can you prevent mold from living on your windows?
Use a dehumidifier – By adding a dehumidifier to your home’s central location, you will be able to reduce moisture that seeps through your interior, all while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. It’s important to dump the collection trays on humidifiers, though, to keep your rooms smelling fresh.

Use mildew-resistant paint – This type of paint will absolutely prevent mold from growing as it comes with various components that inhibit mildew penetration. For everyone’s protection, however, be sure to keep children and pets away until the paint dries completely. It can come in many colors so you can ask your window company what’s best for your units.

Regularly clean your window panes – This is a surefire way to prevent mold from forming. Using a warm, moist cloth and mild soap, remove dust and debris on your windowsills. When you notice early signs of mold, use a mixture of three parts warm water and one part bleach to scrub it away. Do this regularly to keep stop mold growth.

A tight window seal helps prevent mold by not allowing moisture to creep in around the windows. By taking these precautions, you will not only reduce the risk of mold growth – you can also make sure your home’s interior remains comfortably dry.
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