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Should Your Casement Windows Swing Inwards or Outwards?

Casement windows have a simple mechanism; the sashes swing open or shut. That being said, how should a casement window open? Do the sashes have to swing inwards or outwards? While there are no set rules for these, you should consider a few things.

Window Location

Perhaps the biggest deciding factor is the room where it’s located. If a room is in the kitchen, a casement window that opens outwards would be better since it will be easier to open in an emergency (to let smoke or fumes out). If the window is in a bedroom, a window that swings inwards will let you open or close the window without having to reach outside, which helps with privacy.

Available Space

Casement windows need to have enough space around them so that the sashes won’t hit anything when being swung open or shut. If your window is next to a lot of fragile stuff, it may be better to have the sashes open outwards. If there’s too much foliage on the other side, windows that swing inward would prevent leaves, bugs and other debris from getting on the sashes.


This is rarely talked about, but is actually an important point when deciding which way your windows should swing open. If you’re in a place with a rather windy or stormy climate, having windows that swing outward is actually a better option. This way, a strong wind will not accidentally blow your windows open.

Window Treatments and Other Accessories

If the window has any type of treatments like drapes, blinds or curtains, having windows that swing inwards will be impractical since the treatments will be in the way. On the other hand, casement windows with storm screens would be very difficult to operate. Those screens must have to be removed before you can even move the window’s sashes.

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