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Should You Be Worried About Strong Winds?

With the formidable gusts in Wyoming, you may often wonder about the resilience of your windows. In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming explores how strong winds affect your windows, particularly the seals.

Worried About Strong Winds

The Durability of Window Seals Against Wind

Windows are designed to act as a barrier against the elements while providing natural light and visibility. The seals of multi-pane windows play a critical role in this defensive line, keeping the insulating gas between panes secure and thus maintaining the window’s thermal efficiency. Over time, however, these seals can wear down, often without the owners realizing until telltale signs such as fogging between panes appear.

Wind and Window Seal Failure

While temperature fluctuations are the most common cause of seal deterioration—through a process known as solar or thermal pumping—strong winds can fast-track this breakdown. Wind does this by directly stressing already weakened seals and hurling debris that can physically batter the windows.

Strong winds, particularly when accompanying storms, can introduce moisture into existing fractures in the seal. This moisture can further erode the seals and saturate the desiccant, which is meant to absorb any internal condensation, hastening the fog effect that signals window seal failure.

Wind-Driven Debris and Window Integrity

When considering new windows, it’s wise to examine their design for robustness, not just to direct wind pressure but also to the impact of flying debris. Any compromise in the seal, whether a slight cut or a more significant break, can mean the difference between a window that efficiently insulates your home and one that needs urgent replacement.

Choosing Windows Made for Wyoming Winds

When selecting windows suitable for the Wyoming climate, understanding the local wind patterns and how they can impact different types of windows is vital. It’s also essential to account for the orientation of the windows in your home, as windows facing prevalent wind directions may require additional reinforcement or specific installation techniques.

Weathering the Storm: Maintenance and Replacement

Proper maintenance can also extend the lifespan of your windows against wind damage. Regular inspections for any signs of seal wear can prevent minor issues from escalating. For those who need assurance or are already facing window seal failure, consulting window contractors who specialize in window insulation offers a proactive approach to safeguarding your home against strong winds.

Let Us Assist You With Your Window Needs

If your windows have already succumbed to seal damage, take action. At Renewal by Andersen of Wyoming, we offer a variety of replacement windows crafted to withstand harsh weather conditions, including the notorious Wyoming wind. In choosing the right replacement, consider the window’s structural integrity, the quality of the seals, and the warranty backing the product—factors that will contribute to the window’s resilience against strong winds.

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