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It’s Okay to Replace Your Windows During Winter

Several home renovation projects can be done during winter, and window replacement is one of them. Removing damaged windows with air leaks is ideal during this season as it will help you improve your home’s indoor comfort. That said, you can have a successful window replacement project during winter if you work with experienced professionals like Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming.

Windows During Winter

Keep reading to learn why replacing your windows during winter is possible and the benefits you can get from this project.

How Is Window Replacement Possible in Winter?

Experienced window replacement experts will have to remove and replace your windows one at a time to prevent the winter cold from affecting your indoor temperatures. They may also use floor-to-ceiling barriers to keep the cold and snow out of your home. You can also trust experts to limit the snow and mud that enters your home with their post-installation cleaning process.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Windows During Winter?

Window replacements during winter offer several advantages. First, almost every window replacement company is available to work on your window replacement. Most homeowners want to replace their windows during spring and fall, and only a few customers will schedule a replacement in winter. With several contractors to choose from, you can really ensure you’re hiring the right professionals for the job.

Aside from contractor availability, companies may also offer bigger discounts during this season as a way to ramp up their business. You can compare offers and rates from various contractors in your area, allowing you to get the best deal possible.

Lastly, window replacement will improve your home in various ways. Replacing your windows during winter will make your HVAC system more efficient. You can also prevent your old windows from being damaged.

Renewal by Andersen of Wyoming offers only the highest-quality replacement windows. Our Fibrex® windows are made from high-quality materials guaranteed to last for decades without warping, rotting, cracking or fading. Call us today at (307) 472-2199, or fill out this contact form to get a window replacement estimate.


"They came to put two windows in my bedroom and they were very clean and quick, and they cleaned up after themselves, I would hire them again."

Casey Woods
May 10, 2019

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