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How Windows Help Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Windows are versatile components that can enhance the look and feel of your home in several different ways. Increasing your home’s curb appeal? Check. Keeping your living spaces comfortable and efficient? Done. With the right considerations, your windows can also improve your home’s indoor air quality. Here’s how.

Indoor Air Quality

Greater Access to Natural Ventilation

Dust, dander and other harmful particles can get trapped inside your home over time. Simply opening your windows can help rid your home of these allergens. Leave them open at least 15 minutes every day – that should be enough time to allow fresh, cool air to circulate throughout your living space. Just how effectively your windows can ventilate your home will depend on their style. If you have double hung and casement windows, then you’re good. These windows are the best at providing natural ventilation.

Lower Humidity Levels

Any household tasks that involve using water add to the moisture present in indoor air. High humidity levels create a muggy and uncomfortable feeling inside your home. The excess moisture, in fact, can also add weight to indoor air, which can make it difficult to breathe. And the worst part? High humidity levels can encourage mold growth, and exposure to its spores can lead to a number of health risks. This shouldn’t be a problem when you invest in quality windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming. The ventilation they offer can help minimize humidity inside your home.

Strategic window placement should also be considered if you plan to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Effective cross ventilation, for example, is achieved by having windows installed on opposite walls. By allowing fresh, cool air to enter through one window and exit through the other, you can promote smooth and continuous airflow in any given space. Hot and moisture-laden air also tends to rise. To prevent them from getting trapped inside, make sure to keep windows in the upper levels of your home. This provides hot and moist air a way to escape outside.

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