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Are Window Grilles Ideal for Your Window Replacement?

For many homeowners getting replacement windows, one of the design-focused questions that spring to mind is whether to add grilles or not. Window grilles are the narrow strips of wood or metal used to visually separate the glass into panes. Grilles are sometimes called grids when the lines are purely horizontal and/or vertical.

Window Replacement

So, what is best for your home? Take note of these essential considerations.

Architectural Design Matters

Does your home have a traditional or contemporary architectural design? Colonial-style homes commonly feature windows with grilles and so do other New England architectural styles, such as Georgian, Greek Revival and Victorian. Meanwhile, windows on most modern or contemporary homes do not feature grilles as they place more emphasis on minimalism.

Keeping the View in Mind

One particular downside to window grilles is they can obstruct a view. For example, if you have an expansive picture window in your living room looking out onto a gorgeous view of your landscaped garden or swimming pool, you are probably better off without window grilles. On the other hand, grilles can add a little bit of distraction to a view that is pretty underwhelming. If you are not particularly fond of the view of the street outside, distract the eye with a grille pattern.

Curb Appeal Is Everything

The bottom line is deciding on whether to add grilles or not is all a matter of curb appeal. Grilles do not have much function other than their decorative value, so it is critical that you take note of your home’s architectural styles and views when making a decision.

Give your curb appeal a lift with new windows – with or without grilles. Our experienced team at Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming is here to help you out. Just give us a call at (307) 472-2199, or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.


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Apr 11, 2019

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