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3 Causes of Window Seal Failure

It is incredibly important to have properly functioning window seals if you want your living space to be well-insulated and your energy costs to be reduced. Today, we shed light on three culprits behind window seal failure to help you avoid it.

Window Seal Failure

1. Installation Mistakes
If your windows start exhibiting problems relatively soon after installation, there is a high possibility that they were not installed expertly by certified professionals. They may have damaged the seal on the window during the process of installation, or the sealant may have not been given enough time to cure. To prevent this, make sure to work with a contractor who has a solid reputation and years of experience in window replacement.

2. Moisture
While quality windows are designed to withstand severe weather throughout the year, constant exposure to rainfall can result in the premature deterioration of your window seals. Over time, moisture seeps into the seal and causes it to lift, further allowing moisture and air to leak into your home. Ultimately, this can cause wood framing to rot and metal to develop corrosion. This is why it is crucial that you select windows that are specifically designed for the climate in your area.

3. Temperature and Humidity
Another factor that can affect window seal performance is temperature cycling. When the heat of the sun is absorbed by the window, it causes the window to expand and contract. At night, the window unit cools down and lets in air and humidity. This cycle puts the seal under duress, trapping the moisture in your window. Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before the window degrades and requires replacement.

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