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What Goes Into Window Replacement Cost?

Window replacement is a significant investment for your home. That’s why it’s important to know what drives the cost of this project. Here are some important things to take note of so you can make an informed decision. 

Window Replacement

Types of Replacement Windows

Manufacturers offer an array of window types, each varying in design and functionality. Popular styles include double-hung windows, casement, awning and slider windows. The specific type you choose for your project can significantly impact the cost. Features such as the ability to tilt for easy cleaning, energy efficiency, and materials contribute to the total expense. 


Another key factor is the number of windows you plan to replace. Many window companies offer discounts for larger projects or bulk orders. Therefore, assessing all your windows and opting to replace multiple units in one go can be more cost-effective. You could potentially get a better deal, making the investment more affordable.

Trim Repairs

When replacing windows, trim repairs can occasionally be overlooked in initial cost considerations. Be sure to ask your contractor if trim work is required as this can affect your final bill. 

Installation Method

The installation process selected by your window contractor will also affect the cost. Is it a full-frame replacement, or will the new windows be retrofitted into existing openings? Installation involving new construction or reshaping existing openings for a custom fit will likely result in higher costs compared to a simple retrofit.

Window Frame Types

Window frame material is a significant cost driver. While metal or aluminum frames may offer cost savings, vinyl is often preferred for its energy efficiency. Wood, fiberglass, and composite materials like Fibrex® also have unique benefits and price points. The choice should align with your home’s architectural style, energy efficiency needs, and maintenance preferences.

Glass Technology

Window glass technology has advanced, offering options that enhance energy efficiency. Whether you opt for double- or triple-pane glass or heated mirror technology, remember that those with more advanced features will have a higher cost. Nevertheless, these types of windows often lead to significant energy savings, so some of the upfront expenses may be offset in the long run.

Contractor’s Experience

Hiring a seasoned window company may incur a higher initial cost than less experienced contractors. However, quality installation is critical to avoid future issues, such as seal failure or improper fit. It’s recommended to get estimates from several contractors, assess their reputation, and consider the long-term benefits of hiring a qualified professional.

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