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A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Efficient Windows – Part 2: Window Glazing and Energy Efficiency

The glazing or glass is a window’s biggest component, making up most of its sash. Given the area that it covers, glazing plays a major role in how energy-efficient a window can be. Thanks to technological innovations, new glazing options are now available, expanding choices to help homeowners find the best one for them.

Single Glazing

Single glazing is the simplest glazing option available to homeowners. Made up of just one layer of glass, it is available as either clear or tinted, both of which offer benefits depending on what you’re looking for. Most older windows use single glazing.

Double Glazing

Double glazing or double-paned glass is now the standard in window replacements, and for good reason. With two layers of glass, double glazing can better prevent heat from passing through a window compared to single glazing, complemented by a layer of air or inert glass in between panes that further stunts heat transfer. Double glazing can also be coated, further improving function to lessen solar heat entering a home and preventing fading due to UV exposure. Tinted options can also provide better heat reflection, making them ideal in areas of your home that receive direct sunlight.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is usually found in higher-end window replacements, featuring three individual panes of glass, as its name says. The addition of an extra glass pane adds another layer of protection against heat transfer, ensuring that outdoor heat stays out and indoor heat stays in, but this also means higher costs. Long-term savings from improved energy efficiency may make triple glazing a worthy investment but many find that, after comparing initial cost and benefits down the line, double-glazed windows may offer better overall value compared to their triple-glazed counterparts. Unlike single and double glazing though, triple glazing rarely has a tinted variant but can still feature low-emissivity coating.

Now that you know about glazing, we’ll be moving on to other features windows have that can promote energy efficiency. Read on to learn more!


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Apr 11, 2019

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