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What Energy-Efficient Windows Can Do for Your Home

There are many ways to conserve energy without sacrificing one’s quality of life. One of the most effective is installing energy-efficient windows. They are designed to reduce the amount of heat passing through their major components like frames and glass, resulting in lower heating and cooling requirements for your home. This, in turn, allows you to save on energy costs.

Energy-efficient sliding window

Here are the various benefits of installing energy-efficient windows other than helping you achieve energy savings.

Promote Daylighting

Energy-efficient windows have large glass areas that allow adequate amounts of sunlight to pass through them. The more natural light, the better your indoor living environment becomes. You also don’t have to switch the light on during daylight hours. Picture windows offer the best features for daylighting, but they aren’t operable. They need to be paired with an operable window if you need ventilation for a room.

Enhance Natural Ventilation

Energy-efficient windows help improve one of their most important functions: ventilation. Wide openings let in more fresh air and stale air out of your home. Casement and double hung windows can help you get the most of their ventilation capabilities. Make sure, however, that you take your home’s architectural design into account when choosing windows.

Ensure Airtight Seals

Energy-efficient windows have airtight seals to keep the heat from escaping your home during cold weather and from entering your home during hot weather. They are also necessary to minimize the occurrence of drafts or air passing through the gaps between the frame and wall.

What to Look for in Energy-Efficient Windows

When choosing energy-efficient windows to replace the current ones in your home, see to it that the frames and glass are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Make sure that the product you are purchasing doesn’t require extensive maintenance. The costs for such can add up and negate the actual benefits of reduced energy consumption.

At Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming, we offer sliding and casement window replacement units made of our exclusive Fibrex® frames and High-Performance® Low-E4® glass. Both of these components play crucial roles in keeping your home comfortable without having to spend significant amounts of money on energy consumption.

To learn more about our other replacement window offerings, give us a call at (307) 472-2199, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We serve homeowners in Cheyenne, Douglas and Gillette, WY.


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