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The Advantages of Natural Ventilation

Homeowners rely on their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system to regulate indoor temperatures and ensure proper air circulation. However, natural ventilation presents advantages over mechanical ventilation through an HVAC system.

How Does Natural Ventilation Work?

Natural ventilation utilizes airflow created by natural means. This includes airflow created by wind from the outdoors, those created by pressure differences between the interior and exterior of a building, and those created by temperature differences. In contrast, mechanical ventilation utilizes fans and blowers to facilitate air movement through air ducts.

Simply opening a window creates air current depending on pressure and temperature differences between the room and the immediate outdoor space. Continuous natural ventilation can be done by opening a two-sash window (such as a sliding window) in such a way that it creates two openings. One will flush warm and stale air while the negative pressure pulls cool and fresh air inside.

Advantages of Natural Ventilation

Incorporating natural ventilation into your building design gives you the following advantages:

Reduced costs – Natural ventilation systems do not rely on electricity to run, which means it can help reduce your heating and cooling costs, resulting in savings over time.

Lower maintenance requirements – Natural ventilation generally does not require maintenance, save for window cleaning and similar tasks. It also helps reduce the required workload on your HVAC system, prolonging its service life.

Improved air quality – Natural ventilation systems continuously flush out indoor air pollutants. such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making indoor spaces a healthier place to stay in. VOCs come from various household materials like plastic and paint, and are emitted over several years.

Consistency – Natural ventilation supplies consistent airflow, without the need for control panels and various settings.

Low carbon emissions – For property owners who want to go green, this is an important feature. Natural ventilation does not utilize energy from the grid (which is generated using fossil-based fuels) and does not generate any waste byproduct.

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