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Main Causes of Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are bad news for your energy-efficient home. They make your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems work harder, consequently increasing your energy bills. If you have drafty windows, it’s best to understand what may have caused this problem. 

Main Causes of Drafty Windows

1. Wear and Tear

If properly maintained, windows have a long lifespan that can last a few decades. However, wear and tear will still occur. When the weatherstripping of your windows is damaged, the insulation of your window is compromised. 

2. Aging

As mentioned, your windows have a lifespan. Once they are old, the material of your window will be considerably weakened. This makes them susceptible to cracking that can leave small gaps. Small gaps can develop into more serious insulation damage. If your windows are decades-old and drafty, consider getting updated windows that will save you energy and money.

3. Adverse Weather and Temperature Changes

Your window’s material may be affected by extreme temperature changes due to adverse weather in your area. Low-quality materials can expand and shrink when exposed to heat or cold. Before getting new ones, do your research on window materials that are suitable for your area. A local window contractor can help you with replacement windows that work best in your area. 

4. Too Much Moisture

An extreme level of moisture can cause water to seep inside your window’s seal. This will break your window’s insulation, letting cold or hot air inside. A sign of moisture is too much condensation on your windows. Always make sure to wipe dry the condensation on your windows to prevent water damage.

5. Improper Installation and Maintenance

Your window’s condition starts with proper installation. Make sure to only hire a professional for your window replacement. It also pays to properly maintain your windows. Clean your windows regularly, and check for any signs of damage. It’s important to address issues immediately to prevent irreparable damage. If your windows are too damaged and drafty, it’s wise to replace them. New windows require less maintenance and can even save you money in the long run.

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Apr 23, 2019

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