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How to Deal With Drafty Windows

A drafty window can be a cause of discomfort for you and your guests, and failing to address this issue can eventually impact your energy bills. But what causes drafty windows?

Why Windows Become Drafty

Drafts typically occur in old windows whose glazing putty have become brittle or fallen away. This leaves the glass rattling in place and causing outside air to seep into the room. In the case of wooden double-hung windows, sashes may shrink with age, allowing the cold air to enter. If you have aluminum or vinyl windows, drafts are often due to worn-out gaskets and weatherstripping.

Solutions to Drafty Windows

If you have drafty windows, you should consult a window contractor and have them fixed immediately. It would also be best to opt for a long-term solution, such as replacing your window. Window replacement can eliminate further problems, and this project is a good investment whether you plan to sell your home or stay there for a long time.

However, if window replacement is something you can’t afford at the moment, you can replace the loose or missing glazing instead. Make sure to remove all the old putty before applying the new glazing. It’s recommended to hire a professional to carry out this job to ensure that the fix will be done properly. Keep in mind that incorrect application of the putty won’t help in eliminating leaks.

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