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How to Check for Window Damage After a Summer Storm

A severe weather event can have catastrophic effects on your windows. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of summer, a hailstorm can rear its ugly head no matter the season. If a storm has recently hit your area, here are a few quick tips on how to check your windows for damage. 

Check for Window Damage After a Summer Storm

How to Check for Signs of Hail Damage

Compared to other types of storm damage, hail damage is easy to detect because of the telltale dents that they leave all over your home. After all, it is not uncommon for hailstones the size of golf balls to come crashing down all over the place. Hail damage usually leaves these signs: shattered or broken glass, dented or torn window screens, cracked glazing and dented flashing. 

How to Check for Signs of Wind Damage

Hurricane-level winds can knock over trees, blow off your roofing shingles and shatter your window’s glass panes. Immediately after the storm, once it’s safe to go back outside, do a quick tour around your property, and check for shattered or broken glass. If you spot any, be sure to call your local window contractor right away to have it replaced immediately. 

How to Check for Signs of Water Damage

Moisture damage will not be immediately noticeable after a storm, but it has the most potential to cause long-term issues. A few days after the storm has passed, be sure to check if there is any condensation on the glass panes. You should also look at the seams at the bottom edge of your windows to see if any water has pooled. If not addressed immediately, excess moisture can rust the hardware of your windows and cause the frames to rot.

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