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How Strong Winds Can Contribute to Window Seal Deterioration

Window seal failure often leads to a foggy window. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the deterioration of your window seal is often a result of an accumulated exposure to winds. But how can winds affect the condition of your window seal?

Multi-Pane Windows: How Do They Work?

A multi-pane window typically has a frame that holds insulated glass (IG) units, which could have two or more layers of glass made with moisture-less gas inserted between them. The gas is known to be helpful in reducing your heating and cooling requirements inside your home. And, thanks to the window seal, it doesn’t leak from the glass, thus ensuring your window is able to resist fogging and frosting.

How Can Strong Winds Damage the Window Seal?

Windows are designed to withstand a certain amount of wind. But due to temperature fluctuations throughout any given day, your window components go through a cycle of repeated expansions and contractions. Eventually, this can have an effect on various window components, particularly the window seals.

When the expansions and contractions finally take their toll on the window seal, the seal deteriorates and develops small cracks. Moreover, it is through these cracks that the air between the window panes escape. Strong winds, especially those that are caused by storms, can further worsen the condition of an already compromised window seal.

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"We absolutely love our new windows. We had an awful wind yesterday and the windows keep the breeze and the sound out. Our previous windows did not do that and we are so happy with the quality and the installation was superb. The guys were professional and did a great job. I would recommend this company to any who want to improve their home. "

Gayle Lobdell
Apr 23, 2019

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