Fraud Blocker 6 Missteps Expert Window Installers Never Make
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6 Missteps Expert Window Installers Never Make

When installing new windows in your home, you want only the professionals to handle it. But even among professionals, some stand out from the rest. Good window installers know how to avoid common pitfalls that can impact the longevity and efficiency of your windows. In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming explores the six mistakes competent window installers never make.

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1. Neglecting Proper Measurement

One crucial step in installing windows is ensuring the measurements are precise. Incorrect dimensions can cause gaps, which can lead to inefficiencies. A competent window replacement team will always ensure absolute accuracy in this initial step.

2. Ignoring Energy Efficiency

One key aspect many overlook in window installation is the necessity for energy efficiency.  Quality installers will never forget to factor energy efficiency into their selection process, offering you the best value for your money.

3. Using Low-Quality Materials

Good window installers recognize that superior materials guarantee longevity and exceptional performance. Renewal by Andersen windows are made with Fibrex®, a composite material with proven durability for over 35 years.

4. Poor Installation Techniques

Without proper installation, even the highest quality window won’t work as it should. Proper care, precision and professional expertise are vital. Whether you are looking to install a sliding or bay window

the experts will ensure proper installation.

5. Working With Dirty Hands

Expert installers go to great lengths to maintain cleanliness throughout the process. Without proper hygiene, debris and dust can accumulate. This can impact the performance of your windows.

6. Not Providing a Warranty

A job worth doing is worth backing up. Without a comprehensive warranty, customers can be left feeling uncertain. This is never the case with reliable window installers. Their services come with a strong warranty that offers peace of mind to customers like you.

Choosing the right window installer can make a significant difference. Trust Renewal by Andersen of Wyoming for your next window installation project. For inquiries or consultations, call us at (307) 472-2199 or fill out our contact form. We serve homeowners in Casper, Cheyenne, Laramie and Evansville, WY. 


"They came to put two windows in my bedroom and they were very clean and quick, and they cleaned up after themselves, I would hire them again."

Casey Woods
May 10, 2019

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