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4 Helpful Window Tips for Getting More Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation not only helps keep your home cool; it also improves your home’s energy efficiency while also keeping your home supplied with fresh air from the outside. With double-hung windows and other popular window options being the best source of natural ventilation, you should definitely consider these tips from our team of experts so you can get more out of them.

1. The Importance of Height

Windows have to be located at a certain height to ensure good air flow in your rooms. According to experts, the bottom edge should be about 3.6 feet away from the floor. This height is also ideal for ease of operation as it’s not too high as to make opening or closing them difficult.

2. Directing the Wind

In some cases, you need to use something to properly direct the wind into certain areas of the room. A casement window has swiveling panels that do a great job at directing wind. If you have a different kind of window, installing louvers or slats can achieve a similar effect.

3. Add a Clerestory

A clerestory is a part of the home that features a high wall and a window at the upper portion. Because warm air rises up, the clerestory window serves as an extra outlet for hot air. This allows most of the other windows in the area to act as inlets for cool air.

4. Orientation Is Important

If you want optimal airflow, experts suggest paying attention to where your windows are located. Your new sliding window will provide better cross-ventilation if it’s installed on the northern or southern area of the home. This is especially important during the summer season when every bit of airflow counts.

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"We are very pleased with our new windows and sliding door. The crew showed up when they were scheduled and had to work through snow drifts. They all were very professional, efficient and respectful. They made sure we were knowledgeable about how to use the windows and had us inspect everything before they were done. Great job!!"

Antonio & Peggy Escamilla
Apr 11, 2019

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