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Which Way Should Your Casement Windows Open?

Unlike sliding windows that glide on a track, casement windows open and close on a hinge that is attached to the sides of the frame. If you are thinking of installing casements in your home, you may wonder which direction they should open. Here are a few things to consider:

 Casement Windows
  • Aesthetics: For the best appearance, as recommended by most architects, the casement window’s hinged side should be nearest to the corner of the room. This way, the casement window cranks open toward the middle of the living space, creating a pleasant and balanced aesthetic.
  • Ventilation: When it comes to capturing cross breezes and allowing the cool, fresh air to circulate throughout your home, casement windows with hinges on the right and the locking mechanism on the left, and casement windows with hinges on the left and the locking mechanism on the right should be located on the opposite sides of your home.
  • Handedness: It is simply easier to open a casement window if the hinged side matches your dominant hand. As expected, windows with a hinge on the right side are ideal for right-handed people, whereas windows with a hinge on the left are better for left-handed individuals. Though you can open both types with either hand, ultimately, the crank spins in the opposite direction.

What if Two Casements Are Located Side by Side?

If the design of your home calls for two casements to be positioned next to each other, choose a left-handed window for the left side and a right-handed window for the right. This position allows the windows to operate like double doors. The same layout works well for casements installed in bay windows or on either side of a picture window.

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