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What Are the Advantages of Multi-Pane Windows?

Getting replacement windows is a big decision. If you have set your eyes on multi-pane windows, understanding the benefits they provide will help you determine if the windows truly make a great investment. 

Multi-Pane Windows

A trusted window company shares the advantages of multi-pane windows here.

Improved Insulation

Whether you get double-pane or triple-pane windows, multi-pane windows perform significantly better than conventional single-pane windows. This is because of their superior insulating properties. The construction of multi-pane windows lessens the heat transfer through the glass while preventing air leaks from all sides of the unit.

Bigger Energy Savings

Because multi-pane windows are great at insulating a home, they can help prevent heating and cooling systems from working longer and harder than needed. When installed by a certified window contractor, these windows can translate into energy savings of up to 24% in colder climates and 18% in warmer climates. Over time, these savings can help recoup the costs of the replacement windows.

Reduced Outside Noise

A reduction in external noise is an often overlooked benefit of multi-pane windows. Since this type of windows ensures that air leakages are kept to a minimum, it can block all sorts of unwanted noises — such as heavy traffic or running lawnmowers — from entering your living spaces, allowing for some peace and quiet.

Lower Environmental Impact

Installing multi-pane windows in your home lets you do your bit for the environment. Because these windows are high-performing and energy-efficient, they reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Top-of-the-line framing materials like Fibrex® also cut back on trash in landfills, thanks to their recycled content.

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Apr 11, 2019

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