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Maximizing Passive Ventilation With Replacement Windows

Passive ventilation is a more healthy and environmentally friendly technique to adjust the temperature in your house. This method makes use of windows, doors, vents and other openings to allow for the entry of fresh air and the exit of dirty air.

 Replacement Windows

What Is Passive Ventilation?

Passive or natural ventilation is the process of bringing in cool, fresh air and removing hot, stale air without the use of mechanical equipment. Structures like doors and windows are used as entry points for the movement of indoor and outdoor air in this process. The size and location of windows are important considerations when establishing the best air circulation setting.

How Does It Work?

You may simply open windows on the top levels of your home to draw heated air out if you need to cool down. In the winter, a well-designed unit keeps your home warm without letting too much heat out. According to specialists in the field of windows and doors, having clean, unobstructed passageways throughout your home can help you get the most out of natural ventilation.

How to Get the Most Out of Passive Ventilation

  1. Strategic Placement of “Exit Points”

Warm air rises, so most experts advise positioning these “exit points” higher. The optimum style for this is specialty windows with operable transoms. Discuss with your window contractor about alternatives for customizing your windows so that they have higher-than-normal moveable frames.

  1. Install Window Styles That Can Facilitate Airflow

Consider windows that allow for airflow to maximize passive ventilation. Casement windows capture the breeze well, especially when the wind is parallel to the wall. Side sashes on bay or bow windows can give the same appearance. Double-hung windows are great for small spaces since they have two apertures. The top aperture releases warm air while the bottom pulls cool, fresh air.

  1. Have Operable Windows Installed on Each Floor

Install operable windows on each floor of every home with at least one story. Warm air is emitted through holes in the upper level, which helps keep your home cool throughout the summer.

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