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How to Determine if a Window Seal Has Failed

Sealed windows provide homes with a plethora of good benefits, ranging from superior insulation to stunning window clarity. Despite their benefits, insulated glass units are prone to a troublesome condition known as window seal failure.

 Window Seal Has Failed

You may be unaware that some of the present issues with your home, such as draftiness or dampness, are the result of broken window seals.

To assist you in evaluating the condition of your casement window, the experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming have compiled a list of frequent signs of window seal failure. 

  1. Cold, Drafty Home

Do you find that your home is unusually cold when you stand near your windows? If this is the case, a broken window seal may be producing problems with air filtration in your home. Occasionally, “foggy” windows are caused by filth adhering to the glass panes. 

Begin by cleaning both the interior and outside of your home’s windows. If they remain foggy, the seals have most likely already failed.

  1. Excess Condensation

Occasionally, double hung windows with deteriorated seals appear completely clear. They will, however, exhibit dampness in specific locations, depending on the weather and humidity conditions. Fogging or condensation occurs when the temperature outside your home is significantly different than the temperature inside, and the air is excessively humid. 

When the weather changes, inspect your windows to determine whether condensation forms between the two glass panes.

  1. Glass Distortion

The window panes will bend slightly when gas leaks from your insulated glass unit (IGU), and they may even break. You should search for foggy or warped glass since this is a sign that the inert gas has leaked out of the IGU, and the pane may begin to flex and collapse in the center. Only the glass will be affected by this, not the windows.

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Apr 23, 2019

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