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Factors to Consider During a Bathroom Window Replacement Project

Bathrooms have naturally high humidity levels because the tiles, tubs and other surfaces get wet for long periods. Functional bathroom windows that have the right size provide adequate ventilation, so moisture can easily dry out — reducing the risk of mold growth.

 Bathroom Window Replacement

If you are replacing old bathroom windows to reduce indoor humidity and enhance privacy, here are some essential factors to consider during your window replacement.


Generally, a larger window can provide better dehumidification during summer, but it will introduce more humidity during rainfall. Awning windows are excellent for bathrooms because they block out rain and snow without introducing too much moisture from outside into your bathroom. Crank windows are also a good alternative to awning windows if you need a simple space-saving solution that reduces bathroom humidity.


Frosted panes and tints are great choices to ensure your privacy in your bathroom. Depending on your window type, you can also use Venetian blinds or translucent curtains to keep the space private. To ensure these window treatments function properly and don’t get wet, there should be enough space between the blinds and curtains and the sink and shower.


Installing more than one window means higher costs in terms of materials, installation and maintenance. However, more windows could help dry out moisture more quickly and give you more control over the temperature and humidity levels in your bathroom.


Vinyl and aluminum window frames are practical choices for bathroom windows because of their moisture and rust resistance. Fibrex® is also another excellent material as it requires minimal upkeep and has superior durability.

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Apr 11, 2019

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