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Casement or Double Hung Windows: Which One to Pick?

 Casement and double hung windows are two of the most popular window styles for homes, with each having different strengths and features. Deciding between the two means you’ll have to look more deeply at what they can offer and their impact on the design cohesiveness of your property.

Casement or Double Hung Windows: Which One to Pick?

Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming, your local window contractor, discusses the features of the two window styles.

Double Hung and Casement Windows

Double hung windows, as their name implies, has an upper and lower sash that moves up and down. They boast a traditional and classic style that allows it to blend with older, cottage-style houses or homes that feature similar aesthetics.

Casement windows, on the other hand, open like doors. They’re more contemporary-looking, which means they work well with more modern homes and even commercial spaces. Both window styles are versatile in terms of aesthetics and can easily fit any part of your home.

Window Tightness

Both window styles are airtight and effective at limiting air intrusion when closed, with casement windows being slightly superior to their double hung counterpart. This is because its window sash presses onto all four sides of the window, just like a door and its door frame.

Double hung windows fit snugly in its place, but there will be some small air seepage at the top of the window itself. This little design flaw is the reason we use superior window seals to completely prevent air from entering through your double hung windows.

Both window styles are great additions to your home, and choosing between the two ultimately depends on your aesthetic preference. When you work with Renewal by Andersen of Wyoming, we can help you decide which window style works better and makes more sense for your residence.

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