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Can Strong Winds Affect Window Seal and Performance?

Noticed signs of fogging within your window panes? It most likely means your window seals have failed. Whether you live in a region prone to high winds or have recently experienced strong winds, you might be led to assume that wind could be the reason behind your damaged window seals. But do strong winds really affect a window’s performance?

Strong Winds Affect Window Seal and Performance

How Multi-Pane Windows Work

To understand the risk of wind damage, it helps to get a grasp of how multi-pane windows are built and how much load they can take on regularly. Multi-pane windows often consist of frames that hold insulated glass (IG) units, which feature two or more layers of glass with has in between.

The trapped gas plays a crucial role in the windows’ performance as they conduct heat less efficiently than outdoor air, putting less pressure on your HVAC systems. It also enables windows to resist fogging and frosting. So, once your windows start getting foggy, this could be an indication of a problem. You might need to hire a window contractor to check on your units.

When Can Strong Winds Damage Window Seals?

Most windows are designed to stand up to a range of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Window components are usually lower in temperature during the evening and higher during the day. The trapped gas expands when exposed to heat and contracts when cooled. This cycling of pressures occurs regularly, taking a toll on your windows over time. This can cause the seals to deteriorate and eventually produce small cracks, which can then allow more air to transfer between the panes.

If your windows are already compromised this way, strong winds can worsen their condition and cause their seals to fail. It’s even more damaging when the wind comes with debris. That said, high winds might be considered a key factor in window seal failure. 

The answer to whether or not wind can contribute to poor-performing windows can vary, but a proper inspection from a reliable window company is recommended. Call Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming at (307) 650-4073, or complete our contact form to get a FREE consultation.


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