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How to Winterize Your Windows and Patio Doors

Many homeowners forget about windows and exterior doors when performing winterization duties. This oversight can be costly for these glass units and can be a major source of heat loss.


To minimize the impact of winter elements on your home lifestyle using your windows and patio doors, below are pieces of sage advice to follow.

Caulk the Gaps

No matter how narrow they may be, the gaps surrounding your fixtures can leak a significant amount of warm air out and let in unwanted drafts. Sometimes, they’re tricky to detect, but make it a point to seal every single one you find.

When it comes to sealants, there’s no shortage in variety. Each type of caulk has unique characteristics and isn’t suitable for all situations. Do your research to buy the right one and see optimal results.

Install Fresh Weatherstipping

The weatherstripping on operating units like the bay window doesn’t last forever. It’s imperative to replace the worn-out ones to restore the airtight seal of your glass units.

Dust Tracks

Dirt and debris accumulate in the tracks of sliding windows and doors over time. If you don’t dust or vacuum them properly, you may find it difficult to open and close your fixtures. Leaving them inadvertently ajar is an effective way to waste money on heating.

Use Window Coverings

Did you know that certain drapes and curtains can help trap heat inside your rooms? Considering that glass in itself is a bad insulator, dressing up your windows and even glazed doors is a simple way to address such a thermal weak spot.

If you have old, structurally unsound units, no quick fixes can completely offset the effects of normal wear and tear. Instead of wasting your time, tackling patio door and window replacement is a more sensible and prudent path to take.

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"We absolutely love our new windows. We had an awful wind yesterday and the windows keep the breeze and the sound out. Our previous windows did not do that and we are so happy with the quality and the installation was superb. The guys were professional and did a great job. I would recommend this company to any who want to improve their home. "

Gayle Lobdell
Apr 23, 2019

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