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Tips on How to Maintain Your Sliding Door

A sliding door is one of the most popular door choices because of its aesthetics and functionality. It looks impressive and elegant, enhancing the appearance of your home. However, it may also be vulnerable to damage without regular maintenance. Glass can break, and the rollers can get stuck. For this reason, it’s important that you know how to manage these doors. 

Maintain Your Sliding Door

Lubricate the Tracks 

If you have a hard time opening and closing your sliding door, its roller tracks are likely plagued by rust and grime. Rust and grime can impede your rollers over time. For smoother sliding door access, you will need to clean and lubricate the tracks regularly. You can use a wire brush to get rid of dust buildup on the tracks and rollers. You may also want to vacuum the area after clearing off the dirt. To prevent rust buildup, lubricating the tracks is a smart idea. Remember to clean this area every six months for best results. If you have a sliding patio door, however, you may need to clean it more frequently. It’s nearer to your garden, which means it attracts more grime and dirt. 

Clean the Glass Area

Stains can be particularly difficult to remove on the glass area of your sliding door the longer they stay. This can also be applied to your windows. As such, your door or window contractor would advise you to clean the glass area at least once a week. A clean sliding door can improve the clarity of your glass and let more light into your home. Not to mention, it makes your home appear more well-kept. 

Adjust the Roller

Your sliding door has rollers that can be adjusted on either side to help it slide on the tracks. These rollers are typically hidden with plastic plugs, which means you’ll have to look for two holes to access the rollers. Once you have access to them, you can use a screwdriver to adjust the screw on the rollers. With that, you can adjust your sliding door height and determine if it glides better at a lower or higher height. 

If you’re still having trouble with your sliding door despite proper maintenance, call your contractor as you may be experiencing underlying door issues. Put your trust in your local door and window company, Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming. Call us today at (307) 472-2199, or fill out our contact form to set an appointment. We offer services to homeowners in Casper, Douglas and surrounding Wyoming areas.


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